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Aqua One Filter Air (15, 25, 40 & 60)

Aqua One Filter Air (15, 25, 40 & 60)

  • £6.99

Available in four sizes, the Aqua One Filter Air is safe for breeding tanks, and safe to use with baby fish of any size. Simply use with an air pump or water pump (sold separately), this Filter Air gives you great flexibility.

These can be adjusted in height and have a number of installation techniques to suit your set up or aquarium size. The Filter Air 25 and 60 come with two sponges, giving you support when changing the media, by just changing one at a time, and not affecting the bacteria levels as much.

Replacement sponges are sold in packs of two, and should be changed every 3 months or so, or as required if more frequently.

Aquarium Size Number of Sponges
Filter Air 15 up to 15l Single
Filter Air 25 up to 25l Dual
Filter Air 40 up to 40l Single
Filter Air 60 up to 60l Dual

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