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biOrb Cube 60

biOrb Cube 60

  • £380.00

The innovative biOrb Cube 60 LED aquarium boasts an attractive black finish and will be a fabulous enhancement for a contemporary location, full of movement and interest.

It contains a healthy eco-system for fish and other creatures, and you can create a marvellous aquascape from the impressive amount of accessories that are available.

LED lighting adds another dimension, highlighting any decoration and the tank's inhabitants. Everything is clear to see inside walls made from acrylic which has been chosen instead of glass as it is so tough and lightweight.

Setting up the aquarium, maintenance and cleaning, couldn't be easier, you are supplied with everything that is required and this includes biOrb's patented filtration system that is placed on the bottom of the tank for maximum effectiveness.

biOrb Cube 60 Features:

  • Unique Appearance
  • Various Accessories And Decorations
  • Quick And Easy Set Up
  • Simple To Clean And Change Water
  • Lightweight Acrylic
  • LED Lighting
  • Patented Filter System

biOrb Cube 60 Dimensions:

  • Height 43.3cm (17ins)
  • Width 40cm (15¾)


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