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biOrb Intelligent Heater with Powerpod

biOrb Intelligent Heater with Powerpod

  • £83.99

Suitable for all the biOrb range and similar sized aquariums, the biOrb Intelligent Heater with Powerpod is made from a stable, robust polycarbonate construction that can be effectively concealed between the decorative elements of your aquarium.

Safe and economical

Mains voltage of the 50 watt aquarium heater is only 12 volts; the heater can be connected on the biOrb transformer

Installation is very easy

Simply plug it in and place it in the aquarium. The heating device is preset to 24.5°C, automatically adjusts the temperature 3000 times a minute and does not need to be configured.


The Powerpod supplies air pump, the light and the heating system with power.

Product information

  • Rated voltage (primary, secondary): 230v/50 Hz, 12v
  • Net weight: 1.67kg
  • Suitable for fresh water and sea water

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