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Ciano Aquarium

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Ciano Aqua Hex 30 LED White

The Ciano Aqua Hex 30 LED in white offers a beautiful finished design with clean lines and an ultra-contemporary feel. The aquarium holds up to 25 litres of water and is the ideal starter tank for children and adults alike.

The kit contains bright LED illumination yet with low running energy costs, plus a convenient hinged hood to allow ease of access into the tank for cleaning, maintenance and aquascaping uses. 

The Ciano Aqua 30 LED  is finished in a sleek and sophisticated white aesthetic which suits both modern and traditional interior home styles. Fitted with a high performance CF40 Internal Filter, the Ciano Aqua 30 half hexagon-shaped aquarium delivers high water clarity results by removing all organic decaying matter, excess food and free-floating harmful chemicals. 

The 30 litre aquarum also comes equipped with additional parts such as: 1 x LED lighting system 12V - 1,5W, 1 x LED Converter system 12V, 1 x Dose WATER CLEAR “S”, 1 x FOAM “S” and1 x Installation Guide.

The sophisticated aquarium offers all that first time aquarium hobbyists or those looking for a small and discreet tank to fit in with home furnishings, the perfect selection of high grade materials and cutting edge equipment for successful reef keeping and coral growth.

Ciano Aqua LED 60 Black Aquarium 58 Litre with CF80 Filter

The Ciano Aqua 60 Aquarium is a stylish modem designed aquarium complete with energy-saving LED Lighting, Ciano CF Filtration and a heater. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or a new to keeping fish the Ciano Aqua is the perfect choice with various sizes in the range to suit most needs.

The Ciano Aqua 60 comes complete with the versatile Ciano CF80 internal filter complete with a spray bar for a more uniformed distribution of water and increased oxygenation. Included with the Ciano CF80 Is the 30PPI Medium foam and the Medium Water Clear cartridge for superb filtration. Additional biological cartridge and algae reducing cartridge are available for flexible increased filtration capability.

The efficient LED lighting complete with the Ciano Aqua is suitable to grow live plants and bring out the natural colours of both the plants and fish. Option addition LED lighting is available.

Ciano Aqua 80 LED Tank Black

The sensational Ciano Aqua LED range offers hobbyists a complete plug & play system to get instantly set-up and running. If you're looking to start fishkeeping as a hobby or you consider yourself an experienced hobbyists and in need of a new stylish tank, without the hassle of adding in all of your own separate equipment - the Ciano Aqua 80 Black Aquarium, which holds a total of 71 litres, is the perfect solution for you. 

Designed with this contemporary shock-proof plastic frame, the Ciano Aqua 80 is incredibly hardy and has been developed from a selection of high grade materials to promise longevity and robustness. The tank comes complete with LED lighting, biological filter and a heater. Ciano CF80 Filter reduces maintenance and requires less call for interventions within the aquarium. With less equipment needed, aquarium hobbyists can trust in the reliability and efficiency of the FC80 Filter for removing decaying organic matter, excess food and free-floating chemicals for clear water results.

The Ciano Aqua 80 black aquarium can also be used for aquatic plant keeping. Ciano's innovative LED lighting is installed neatly and securely into the hood for perfect light penetration. The lighting also enhances the environment for your fish, promoting natural behaviour and mimicking conditions of the sea. 

The sleek and sophisticated design of the Ciano Aqua 80 aquarium goes hand-in-hand with the modern aesthetics of the Ciano Aqua 80 stand. 

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