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Arcadia Pond Ultra Clear UVC Compact Lamp (11w,

Arcadia Pond Ultra Clear UVC Compact Lamp (11w,

  • £15.99

WARNING: not for use in aquariums. Harmful to eyes

Green water, caused by millions of suspended microscopic algae, is the curse of many pond keepers, so what is the best way to control this nuisance?

A good quality pump, filter, and ultra-violet clarifier system, of a capacity to suit the size of the pond is all that is required.As water is pumped through the clarifier, the single-celled algae are exposed to high levels of UVC radiation emitted from a UV lamp.  

This UV exposure destroys the algae cells, which are then broken down by bacterial action in the filter.

The UV output of the lamps degrades with time, and so they will need replacing periodically. 

Regardless of the brand of clarifier being used, there is an Arcadia Ultra Clear UVC lamp available, so that every pond keeper can have clarity all year long.

  • Eliminates suspended algae
  • Crystal clear pond water
  • Longer Life
  • Also suitable for aquarium clarifiers and sterilisers

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