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Hakari Betta Bio-Gold

Hakari Betta Bio-Gold

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Product Benefits

1)The best food for Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish)

2)Floating Pellet (easy monitoring of amount eaten; helps eliminate over-feeding; reduces water quality problems; more economical)

3) Includes Astaxanthin to promote excellent colouring (reduces color fading; rich in natural color enhancers)

4) This Product contains  very  highly stabilized Vitamin C.  

Feeding: For a 1.5 inch Betta (from tip of nose to base of tail, before fin), feed three pellets of Betta Bio-Gold up to three times daily. Add 1 pellet per 1/4 inch of growth, never feeding more than 5 pellets at one feeding. Additional feedings can be made if they are at least three hours apart and at least that amount of time before all lights are out in the room. During feedings, feed one pellet at a time and make sure the Betta completely consumes each pellet.

Do not overfeed. Overfeeding can be detrimental to the Betta and the water quality.

Remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.

Bettas are finicky eaters and often resist a new type of food.

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