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Interpet Anti Slime / Velvet Plus 100ml

Interpet Anti Slime / Velvet Plus 100ml

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Eradicates flukes and protozoa. Includes marketing leading breakthrough formulas for the best results. Treats velvet slime skin and gill parasites for healthier fishReduces levels of parasitesIt's natural for fish to carry a small population of microscopic skin and gall parasites. In healthy fish this population is kept in check. But when fish are stressed this population rapidly increases and endangers the fish's life. Often this causes the fish to increase its mucus production resulting in the so-called "slime symptom". Anti Parasite Slime and Velvet eradicates velvet flukes and protozoan parasites from your aquarium helping your fish to regain a healthy balance and return to health.Use for removing parasites from your aquarium such as microscopic protozoan parasites (Costia/Ichthyobodo) Trichodina flukes (Gyrodactylus) and Velvet (Piscinoodinium)

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