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Juwel SmartFeed/EasyFeed (automatic feeder)

Juwel SmartFeed/EasyFeed (automatic feeder)

  • £37.00

SmartFeed - premium automatic feeder

The SmartFeed is the premium automatic feeder for granulate and flake feed with an extended range of functions. Using the right mounting support, it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly to any Juwel aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Up to three feeds per day
    The SmartFeed premium automatic feeder may be freely programmed for up to three feeds per day. The feed quantity can be dosed freely in eight levels.
  • Two conveyor screws
    For all types of feed, ideal for granulate and flake feed thanks to the two included conveyor screws
  • Large display
    A large display is used for convenient programming of the feeding and facilitates legibility
  • Large feed chamber extension
    The included feed chamber extension allows the feed volume to be increased. Ideal for even longer service lives


All Juwel High-Lite aquariums are equipped with a removable section within the flap to allow the EasyFeed automatic feeder to be simply fitted.

  • Perfect for flake, pellet and tablet food
  • Adjustable feed quantity
  • Programme for up to 30 days with two feeds per day (60 Feedings)
  • Powered by two AA batteries (included)

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