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KickstartFilter Start bacteria tablet

KickstartFilter Start bacteria tablet

  • £6.99

This product helps get the aquarium going faster. The practical tablets feed the water with concentrated microorganisms, activate the substrate and filter and establish a biological balance in the tank right from the outset. Selected trace elements provide the optimal level of care to the bacteria that help purify the water. These tablets eliminate fish faeces and detritus, meaning they are supported by the KickstartFilter. Simply place in the filter or in the aquarium water. Fish can be put in after just one week. The KickstartFilter can also be used when adding more fish. However, especially in newly established aquariums, the microorganisms still need to settle in the filter during the start-up phase, which can last several weeks. To get started more quickly, it can therefore be helpful to use a bacteria starter. The KickstartFilter is also suitable for long-term care, as the tablets support the microorganisms that are responsible for the degradation of pollutants in the aquarium.

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