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Live aquarium plants (bunch of ten plants)

Live Aquarium Plants - bunch of 10

  • £20.00

Live plants don't just look fantastic they also serve a purpose in the aquarium, such as absorbing CO2, giving off O2, absorbing toxins, harbouring beneficial bacteria, inhibiting algae growth and, in some cases, serving as a food source. They really are a great way to help maintain an attractive, healthy aquarium.

10 different plants will be selected from this list;

  • Caboma
  • Elodea Densa
  • Eleocharis Parvulus
  • Vesicularia Dubyana
  • Valisneria Straight
  • Wisteria
  • Sagittaria Natan
  • Mayaca Fluviatilis
  • Hydrilla Verticillata
  • Aponogeton Crispus

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