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NT Lab Medikoi Sturgeon food

  • £13.00


  • Highly Digestible Sturgeon Food
  • 2mm, 4.5mm and 8mm Sinking Pellets
  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Medikoi Sturgeon is a highly digestible and nutritious sinking pellet Sturgeon food. Medikoi Sturgeon contains only the most digestible fish proteins, providing the correct proportions of vitamins, minerals and oils to ensure your sturgeon receive the best nutritionally balanced food available. Other species of fish in your pond will also find Medikoi Sturgeon highly palatable. Recommended Feeding: Before feeding your sturgeon ensure the other fish have been fed with their usual food (ideally Medikoi floating pellets) to prevent them from out competing the sturgeon for food before it reaches the bottom of the pond. Available in 2mm (Junior), 4.5mm & 8mm (Jumbo) sinking pellet.

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