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NT Labs Blanketweed Balance

NT Labs Blanketweed Balance

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Blanketweed Balance from NT Labs contains natural ingredients which re-mineralise and re-balance the water quality to help prevent and discourage the growth of string algae and blanketweed. NT Labs Blanketweed Balance is completely safe for fish, plants and biological filtration systems. Please note that a cloud will form in the water column which will clear after a few hours, this is perfectly normal and safe.

NT Labs Blanketweed Balance Application:

Dosage: 1 x scoop for 450 Litres

Ensure the pond is well aerated and test the water quality with a NT Labs PondLab test kit before administering the dose.

Mix the required dose in a clean bucket/watering can of pond water and pour evenly around the pond and on watercourses/falls.

One week after dosing Blanketweed Balance we recommend the use of NT Labs Sludge Remover (Sludgeclear) to aid the digestion of organic material in the pond.