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NT Labs Medikoi Growth

NT Labs Medikoi Growth

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Medikoi Growth Fish Food from NT Labs has been scientifically formulated to provide the optimum level of healthy but rapid growth with low waste. Medikoi Growth features a 40% protein content derived from the highest quality, low heat treated fishmeal to prevent denaturing of the essential amino acids. For this boosting level of protein to be used for growth and not energy which results in increased ammonia excretion, a proportionate quantity of fish oil is added. Medikoi Growth contains 7.3% fish oil, which is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, providing the correct level of energy the fish require and does not pollute the water like other high protein aquaculture diets. It also has added vitamins, EFA's and amino-acids to promote a strong immune system, beautiful colours and overall health.
NT Labs Medikoi Growth is best fed as part of a balanced feeding programme to provide optimum nutrition and keep your fish healthy. Medikoi Growth is packed with fresh quality ingredients designed and formulated to be easily assimilated and metabolised by your fish for sustained growth with minimal waste. For best results, feed in conjunction with Medikoi Health to help promote an improved immune system and Medikoi Staple to enhance the colour of your fish.
Composition:Soya, Wheat, Fish meal, Fish Oil, Maize
Analysis:Protein 40%, Oil 7.3%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 9%
Additives:Vitamins per Kg   A 15000 IU , C 150 Milligrams, D 2000IU,  E 200 milligrams,  EEC Permitted preservatives and anti oxidants

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