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Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 5500

Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 5500

  • £194.99

This compact designed pond pump will handle solids up to 8mm in size, sending it straight to your filter preventing blockages on the pump itself.

With an easy to open case for routine maintenance, a standard Oase multistage hosetail and a low wattage, these pumps are both user-friendly and economical.

Complete with 10 metres / 33 feet of electrical cable.

These pumps are available from 2500 - 17500 litres per hour.

Pump Details

  • Max flow rate: 5300 litres per hour / 88 litres per minute.
  • Maximum Head of 2.8 metres.
  • Power consumption 60 Watts.
  • Dimensions 280 x 230 x 130mm.
  • Net weight 3.2kg.
  • Connection to 25, 32, 38mm pipe.
  • Suitable for underwater or dry installation.

With an Oase 3+2 year guarantee which means you will have a 3 year guarantee from your purchase date and if you register your product with Oase for free they will extend your gurantee to run for a total of 5 years from your purchase date.

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