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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium 20000

  • £649.99

The Oase Aquamax Premium pond pumps are high quality German made solids handling pumps which will move water from your pond into a filter.

Providing outstanding economical running costs which in the long term will save you money.

Complete with an environmental function control which protects the pump from dry running and blocking. Can be used in temperatures to a temperature of -20 degrees centigrade.

The regulated second inlet can be set from 0-100% open and back be used to fit a skimmer or satellite strainer allowing for suction from 2 areas of your pond.

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions are 340 x 280 x 165mm.
  • Power consumption of 180 watts.
  • Power cable length 10 metres / 33 feet.
  • Net weight 5.3kg.
  • Maximum flow rate 19500 litres per hour / 325 litres per minute.
  • Maximum head height of 5.7 metres.
  • Connection sizes: 25, 32 and 38mm.
  • Takes debris up to 10mm.
  • Can be submersed or dry installed if desired.
  • Electronic adjustment through FM Master.

    Complete with an Oase 3+2 year guarantee which means that you will have a 3 year guarantee as standard and if you register your product with Oase they will extend the guarantee to 5 years from the purchase date for free.

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