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Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC

  • £2,290.00

The BioTec filter range is an important component in the BioSys system!
In this regard, we are dealing generally with flow-through filters and multi-chamber filters that filter pollutants out of the pond water not just mechanically, but primarily through biological processes. The colonisation of special microorganisms is a proven method for breaking down harmful substances. BioTec has been scientifically developed and tested, and when properly used in continuous implementation, ensures crystal clear water and optimum biological relationships.

  • The BioTec 30 has been designed for large ponds, and particularly for ponds with koi stock. The BioTec 30 has a sludge drain for the removal of solids. The special filter surfaces enable rapid break-down of large quantities of nutrients. Thus, OASE has again been successful with yet another biological innovation.
  • The BioTec 30 multi-zone filter has a new type of filter mat with varying thicknesses, in addition to the brush chamber. This accelerates filtration of the coarse pollutant particles and helps the microorganisms in the rear part of the filter to do their work care-fully and effectively.
  • BioTec 30 has been tested for ponds up to 130,000 litres. Connection with the Bitron 15 to 110 clarifiers and the AquaMax pump range needs no additional parts.

    BioTec Premium 80000 Specifications

    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    Max. Flow rate

    Max. Pond Size Inlet Outlet Guarantee
    1200x800x730mm 23,000 L/H 130,000 Ltrs 25-50mm 110mm 3 Years



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