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Oase Digital Thermometer

Oase Digital Thermometer

  • £16.50

Oase Digital Aquarium Thermometer is a highly accurate temperature monitoring display for use in your tank.

The Oase Digital Thermometer can be bonded onto the side of the aquarium to make reading the display easy. An easy to access adhesive strip is located at the back of the thermometer, keeping it secure and stable when in place. A small base at the bottom of the thermometer also allows it to be stood in the best location around your tank.

The Oase Thermometer has a large front display that shows the temperature clear and bold.

Keep a close eye on your aquarium water temperature with this Oase Digital Thermometer (inc battery). It attains more accurate readings from your fish tank ensuring your fish and corals are all kept at the perfect temperature for optimum health and happiness.

At a glance:

Dimensions: 60 x 18 x 48mm

Easy to read large display

Battery included

Can be bonded onto aquarium wall from the outside

Monitor the temperature levels in your tank

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