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Oase PondoVac 5

  • £850.00

PondoVac 5

Powerful pond vacuum with built-in discharge pump for uninterrupted cleaning

  • The powerful PondoVac 5 pond and pool vacuum allows for uninterrupted, full power cleaning of ponds and pools.

  • Highly efficient suction depth of 7.5 ft. due to high performance 1800 W motor with optimized blade design.

  • The suction pump runs simultaneously, with the integrated waste pump, which empties the container continuously during use.

  • Larger wheels (6 in.) ensure stable movement through rough terrain as well as low-noise when in operation.

  • On the outlet side, the PondoVac 5 has a plastic quick connect for a reliable and watertight seal, and easy removal for storage.

  • Four different nozzle head options included for every pond and pool application: adjustable floor nozzle, string algae nozzle, crevice nozzle, and wide nozzle. The adjustable floor nozzle (2-10 mm) removes pond floor debris without vacuuming up gravel. The string algae nozzle separates and easily removes strands of string algae. The crevice nozzle suctions out pollutants between stones and plants with ease. The wide nozzle has rubber lips that permit trouble-free wet suctioning of residual water, or enables use in the household as a dry vacuum.

  • Discharge set includes 32.8 ft. hose with connections and collection bag for coarse debris particles. Wastewater discharge allows you to simply dispose of the organic fertilizer into a flower bed or into the sewer.

  • Hand regulator for adjusting the suction power, based on water depths.Larger particles such as pebbles or leaves are retained in the pre-filter bag.

  • The zippered bag makes for easy emptying.

  • Can be used for cleaning ponds and pools, as well as a wet vacuum around the home.

  • Suction capacity up to 2100 GPH, depending on the implementation conditions.

  • Includes 16 ft. suction hose, 4 aluminum extension tubes, and 1 clear extension tube for easy visual inspection during suction.

  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 year with online registration

Key Features

  • Full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function
  • Maximum suction depth 2.5 m
  • Also ideal for cleaning pools and swim ponds
  • FLEXIBLE: Drain away any amount of dirty water
  • DOUBLE EQUIPMENT: The drain hose has a C-connection on both sides
  • MANUAL: With hand-held controls for regulating the suction power
  • NON-STOP TECHNOLOGY: With an integrated drainage pump for non-stop suction
  • MOVE IT: With its transport wheels and adjustable handle, you can move your PondoVac quickly and with little effort
  • BIG WHEEL DESIGN: More ground clearance, noise-reducing tyres included
  • VERSATILE: You can use your PondoVac 5 to clean garden ponds, swimming pools or natural pools. Or use it as a high-performance wet vacuum cleaner around your household or business premises
  • MONITORING: The transparent suction tube lets you keep an eye on the flow at all times
  • DEEP ACTION: The PondoVac 5 achieves a maximum suction depth of 2.50 m with its powerful 1700 W motor with optimised blade geometry
  • MONSTER SUCTION: Depending on the conditions of use, it can achieve up to 8000 l/h of suction
  • GOODBYE WASTE WATER: Also pumps out waste water across different heights
  • Full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function
  • Maximum suction depth 2.5 m
  • Also ideal for cleaning pools and swim ponds

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