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Oase ScaperLine Soil

Oase ScaperLine Soil

  • £16.00

An active substrate with a beautiful appearance - ideal for natural water care and highlighting attractive colouring of animals and plants!

ScaperLine Soil softens water and produces a slightly acidic pH value; many aquarium plants appreciate such conditions. With its storage capacity, this substrate also absorbs nutrients and releases them again when needed - a positive cycle that continuously stimulates plant growth. Thanks to the firing process at low temperatures, the granules are robust but not too hard, their size mix of 1.5 to 3 mm fits small, medium and larger scapes and provides ideal support for roots. Plus: It is not necessary to wash out the granules, they can be used immediately and do not cause any turbidity or colouring of the water. Simply pour dry into the tank, model, and done!

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