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Oase SwimSkim 50 Pond Surface Skimmer

Oase SwimSkim 50 Pond Surface Skimmer

  • £300.00

SwimSkim 50 now keeps pond surfaces up to 50 m2 free of leaves, pollen, or similar particles. Thanks to the innovative whirlpool function of the SwimSkim CWS, contaminants on the pond floor are stirred up and thus SwimSkim CWS is an ideal supplement to the FiltoMatic CWS. An aerator function that supplies the pond with vital oxygen, is also integrated.

Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 390mm (LxWxD)
Power Consumption: 45W
Filter Baskets Volume: 4.5L
Max Pond surface 50 m2
Pump Capacity: 3500 LPH
Aerator Function: 600 LPH
Cable Lenght: 10m
Guarantee: (+ Guarantee Request) 2+1 Years

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