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Oase Uni Fix+

Oase Uni Fix+

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Oase UniFix + Power Adhesive For Pond Liners

A high quality, permanently elastic power adhesive based on MS Polymer. Uni fix plus is designed for durable bonding of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber pond liners, foils and other varieties of liner. It is also suitable for securing liners on to a number of substrates such as wood, plastic, concrete, metal and stone. 

Uni fix + is ultra violet stable and free of solvents, Styrofoam and silicon.

Due to its design it can be applied manually or with a compressed air spray gun.

To be used between +5°c and +35°c

The Uni Fix + Adhesive can be used to bind two pond liners together and is completely cured within 48 hours.

Size 456g

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