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Pro-f Cichlid Green 33

Pro-f Cichlid Green 33

  • £6.00

Many of the African Rift Valley cichlids, such as those from Lake Malawi require a low protein diet to maintain a healthy digestive system. Cichlid Green 33 Granule contains the best ingredients that more closely replicate a wild, low-protein diet without compromising on nutrition. The granule size is ideal for juvenile and other small cichlids, while the ingredients ensure maximum palatability. Cichlid Green 33 Granule also contains the natural colour-promoting marine phytoplankton spirulina to bring out the best of their natural colours. The addition of multi-vitamin mix and Stimune ensures a complete diet with all the vitamins your fish need as well as boosting their immunity to help them stay healthy.

Feed twice daily, only the amount your cichlid will consume in a few minutes.

Available in 40g (granule), 100g (stick)

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