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Reptile One Jungle Twist

Reptile One Jungle Twist

  • £14.99

Reptile One R1-46749 Plastic Plant Jungle Twist Leaf Vine is suitable for:

·        Most Skinks, Agamas and Legless Lizards

·        Amphibians – Frogs, Newt and Salamanders

·        Geckos

·        Snakes

·        Lizards

·        Desert or savannah dwelling Goannas, Tegus and Bearded Dragons


It features:

·        Realistic Shape and texture.

·        Easy to clean.

·        Made from robust fade resistant plastic.

·        Provides a natural shade and a hiding spots for your reptile.

·        Creates a natural looking addition in your terrarium or vivarium.

·        A great alternative to real plants, less fuss.

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