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tetra Pond Ph/KH plus 300g

tetra Pond Ph/KH plus 300g

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Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus

  • simple way to increase carbonate hardness (KH), for a stable pH and healthy pond environment
  • a carbonate hardness (KH) level of between 4° and 10° dH is recommended, to prevent harmful changes in pH
  • KH is lost over time, due to natural biological processes in the pond
  • especially beneficial in soft water areas; following long periods without water changes; or following heavy rainfall
  • we especially recommend the use of pH/KH Plus in ponds that are densely populated with plants and fish and in koi ponds as carbonate hardness levels in these ponds can more easily fall to critically low levels
  • KH can be checked using a Tetra Pond 5in1 test kit

Packaging Units:
300 g

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