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TMC POLARIO Turbine powerhead Pump

TMC POLARIO Turbine powerhead Pump

  • £159.99

 Seio Polario Dual Action Programmable Pump

Now includes Magnet Mount!

• Bi-directional outlets simulate a natural wave action – these dual outlets can be converted to one single outlet if required.

• Supplied complete with a custom made controller.

• Pre-programmed in all settings to gradually increase flow.

• Alternating water currents can be set to switch at various intervals from every 15 seconds up to every 30 minutes or the pump can be set to "AUTO" mode (alternating between left and right outlet every 15 seconds).

• Energy efficient, high flow, low voltage.

• Preset feeding settings of 8 and 16 minutes.

• Magnet mount included to secure pump.

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